Wednesday, March 25, 2009

boring update

Good grief, I can get in, how dreadful that I get surprised!

Anyway we are rolling on in a positive manner.

I went for an interview today, at a company that is 2 kms further than what I am travelling now, for an obscene amount of money! I will let you know.

It is past Eastgate shopping centre for those of you who know Jhb, towards the city centre, and right by the new Gautrain; a train set up that has had Gauteng in a bit of a building uproar for a while. The country’s next white elephant as no-one will be able to afford to use it if the rates I have heard come to the light of day.

We will see, I am not stressed, I am welcome to stay where I am currently at the rates I am doing currently. No panic!!

Coralie – fine
Sean – fine
Ian - fine

So all is well.


Aussie Stitcher said...

Tim's quilt is gorgeous, well done. It is terrible when people don't pay what they owe, I hope that it gets sorted soon.

Anonymous said...

what kind of job is it? Good luck girl.


Love the blankie for your sister's pup. What a cute idea.