Monday, March 23, 2009

A bit miz

I am so miz, please don’t tell the immediate family…

Today has so far been pretty harsh, and it is only ten o’clock now!

Coralie has serious money problems caused by several things.

3 people owe she and Henk large amounts of money. (Typically this is Henk’s fault, he’s such a soft touch).

She has to have about R9000 for the obstetrician soon – like by Monday.

I am not allowed to tell Ian about this.

I told Sean, he knows 2 of the people, that I am getting involved, and if no money is given to C+H soon, I will be sending around folk who break fingers. Yup, I can get really fierce when needs be! And I know some people too.

I am working today (a Saturday and a public holiday) and when I get here the paperwork that should have been delivered to my desk is not here. My heart sinks. All I want is people to do their own job, so I can do mine. I will soldier on, and when I finish what I can do, I am out of here! Stupid buggers!

So, anything could turn me to tears - so don’t try me – okay?

Okay, feeling better now I have 'voiced'.

I did buy the cutest blanket for my sister’s new puppy in Aus – what a laugh – he is a Scottie and I found some tartan fleece! I think he will look quite splendid!


mainely stitching said...

So sorry to hear of the problems, Coral. I hope things will be straightened out by the time you read this.

jolie-jordan said...

Good luck on the home and job fronts. Back in the day my guy was everyones soft touch too. We never did recover much of the money and I put a quick nip to him handing it out. Now it's hard to get him to part with a dime. LMAO

Hope everything works out and settles down for you soon.

Did you ever get my e-mail thanking you for the gift? I haven't heard from you in such a long time. I love it by the way and Thank you again for thinking of me.

xxxlove ya kid...Jolie