Tuesday, March 10, 2009

hey, look, I can get in!!!

Well, it is a long time since I can get into my blog dashboard alone!

I mist you all!!

Since we last communicated I have received a lovely package from Barbara of two patterns, one of her Leaf Falls - which I did not know was an original Barbara design, well done, Barbara!! And a pattern of Just Nan's Miss Kitty's Dragons. Something I hope to do whilst away on holiday the end of the month.

I have opened another blog to show off my bags, there are not many there as Blogger is being particularly otherwise and will NOT upload any more pictures for me. So, if you are interested see http://coralzbagz.blogspot.com/ . So, this is the big launch, which Blogger is NOT invited to as I am a bit miffed with her or him!! Champagne anyone???

Back to Tim's quilt......



mainely stitching said...

Yay - I'm delighted the charts arrived!! :D And I think it's funny you didn't know I'd designed the falling leaf sampler. LOL!

Anonymous said...

a quilt is an amazing gift to give a grandchild. you are very thoughtful and it will be so appreciated.