Friday, November 7, 2008

What is worse on pizza, mushrooms, or green pepper? And try to order one that does not have either of them.

My girls both sent me a picture of themselves pregnant on my cell phone. Unfortunately I am not clever enough to send them on to my email, and therefore onto this blog so you can see them. Courtney has a neat tiny little tummy, the ‘classical’ boy tummy, just a little bump in front. Coralie is already showing at 13 weeks, and is utterly uncomfortable. She is, poor girl, going to carry like me – like a bus!!

Coralie has been so blessed as Mary has bought her a whole stack of maternity clothes. She said to me – ‘I am so much more comfortable now.’ I am not sure how much clothing she has, but is sounds like Mary bought enough so that Coralie will not have to buy anything else.

Sean started work at Babcock on Monday, he is pretty thrilled that they finish work earlier than Volvo, he says it is like leaving work mid afternoon.

My quilting is going great guns. When the guys are at work I am making up the machining parts, and then doing the hand stitching during the evenings. It is working out well, if a bit slowly. So far I have only finished 5 quilts 2 of which are quite small. This week will not be conducive to making many quilts as I am working it looks like 4 days this week. I am finding it a bit frustrating. It is a bit stop - start.

Ian’s 50th birthday is next year – he is planning a really expensive holiday away at a place called The Cavern in the Drakensberg. He is going to invite his parents, and his sister and Phillipa. BTW, we are to have a ‘superior suite’!!

Sean and I did go to see the car I mentioned in a previous post – it was no go-er as some mechanical work was needed.

USA – congrats on Obama as your new president. I am pleased he made it in!
PS, do you like my avatar photo?


Barbara said...

Yes, I like your new avatar photo. A girlhood one of you? And green peppers are not fit to eat on pizza or, IMHO, anything else either. Blech. Yuck.

So you're quilting like mad, you're working, and you're expecting grandbabies. Amazing!! I'm so glad that everything is going so well. I miss staying in touch with you - good thing you have your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Where have I been? I must go back and read in your archives. Who is Courtney? And Coralie preggers? OMG...congrats to her and to you. You know I love being a Grammy more then anything.

Sounds as if your work situation is very sketchy right now. That must be rough. I am glad you have the quilting though...maybe some extra monies from that to help out with the budget.

The 50th vaction and celebration sounds wonderful. That Ian is swell.

I love mushrooms and green peppers on pizza...sorry. The only popular thing that I don't like on pizza ia anchovies. The best pizza I ever ate had sauerkraut on it. I know it sounds ucky...but it was delicious and the pizza shop owner said it was by far his biggest seller.

The best coleslaw I ever ate was made from sauerkraut with caraway seeds and sugar added to it.

There is no explanation for taste.

Gosh Coral...I am so glad you are to soon be a Grammy. Congrats again. And who is Mary? The other Grammy to be?

xxx Jolie