Sunday, November 9, 2008

my 5c's worth

I am pretty amazed at how most people are still coming to terms with Obama’s colour. To me it was never about his colour that inspired me, it was about his beliefs and his honesty that appeared to me. He is an honest young man who can make a difference.

I find it sad that the people whose blogs I am reading are saying that it is such a momentous moment in America’s history because he is black. Huh!! He is the best candidate.

I thought that McCain’s campaign was flawed that he continually had to tell us about how he was a POW, like we had a very short attention span, and that was the only reason to vote for him. Then of course, the next black mark was the anti-abortion idea; then the capper was Sarah Palin, who is a wacko. There are too many reasons to list here; you all know what they are.


susanm said...

Hate it when they always have to bring the color into things. He is young and can make a huge difference and also his beliefs but people always seem to have the color issue.
Hows the girls doing???

Barbara said...

I'm also kind of freaked that so many people are focused on his skin color. If I dare go out on a limb here, a lot of Americans have kind of a problem with skin color - we are brought up to pretend it doesn't exist, but that just makes it all the bigger in everyone's imaginations. It wasn't till I moved to Europe that it really "hit" me.

Anonymous said...

People that see the black are still bigots and dammed proud of it. Many people did not vote for him because of the hue of his skin. He is bold and brilliant and has the energy and guts to make changes that are greatly needed after so many years of Republican destruction in Americans quality of life.

And to top it off he is not a true black person anyhow. He is very definitely a bi-racial man. The only true blacks in America right now are probably the Somalians and that will change with the next generation. They are already becoming very Americanized and they have not been here very long.

I proudly voted for him and I am looking forward to the next four and hopefully eight years.

I wouldn't trust a man who had been tortured and locked in a Viet Nam prison cage for years. God knows what might have happened to his psyche during that time. Plus, he is too old school and too Bush-like for my taste. I am very glad he made it out from Nam alive but I don't think he should lead our country.

xxx Jolie