Monday, January 18, 2010

dearie me!

I chatted to Coralie for a while yesterday; she has so much on her mind.

Firstly the cat is sick, he is skin and bone and not coping with the heat. I asked if he had been de-wormed lately and she says she has tried, but he keeps puking up the pills. She should take him to the vet, but she had no car yesterday.

Tim’s BMT is causing stress, the first thing that is upsetting is that we all know the side effects of the procedure, but there is no way that the procedure cannot be done. Coralie’s work has said she must take unpaid leave, she cannot afford to do that, so she is panicked that they will have even more financial problems. She will probably go on maternity leave pretty soon after that anyway. She has to be with Tim in the hospital, all the time as she cannot leave him as the staff will not look after him. The Dr’s are the best in the country, the nursing staff, mostly dreadful. Henk’s work say one thing, and do another. They cannot rely on them for some relief. I did say I could go down, and I am willing, but I do not have enough money for the flights, it would be a weekly flight, and I can barely afford the one I have already paid for in February, let alone one a week. That to me is the best idea, but not possible – isn’t is so stupid that all you need is money to throw at the problem, and you do not have it?

She was pretty tearful saying that she is barely noticing her pregnancy, which I told her was normal the second one is more ‘ho-hum’ than your first. But she is upset that she barely notices that she is pregnant. But Newbie – is doing somersaults and letting her know that he is around, and she says she is enormous! We all think that with our second, hmm?

Stress, not a good thing!


Jenna said...

I'm sorry that you are all going through such a difficult time. I can't imagine being in the middle of a second pregnancy so soon after the first and while dealing with a seriously ill child. My hugs go out to you and Coralie!

mainely stitching said...

My hugs and thoughts are with you all!!!!!