Monday, January 25, 2010

back from outer space!!!

We had a good weekend, and the wedding was lovely! I was actually dreading it, thinking it would be boring – it was great fun! A non-dancing wedding, we had a superb lunch, and lots to drink. It turns out the grooms dad is a Reverend – good thing I was on my best behaviour. Ha ha! His family are lovely gentle people and we did enjoy their company. (Oops, when asked how long we had been married his sister almost fell off of her chair that we were living together – the black sheep of the family)!

We were to pop to Ian’s parent’s new cottage and see it for ourselves, but we ran out of time. We got home and changed immediately into comfy clothes.

Funny how the weather service said it was to pour with rain the whole weekend – and it didn’t! I didn’t even take a pair of sandals of any type with me. Mooi River is known to have changeable weather – I have to learn! Pack for all types of weather all the time. Once I was there with only sandals and it was freezing cold! I am twice Ian’s sister’s size, so there is no hope of borrowing anything!

Ian’s parents were great as usual and we had some fun together. Ian’s parents have moved and are closer to Jeannine and co. So we will be seeing more of them as they are closer now.


Jenna said...

Glad to hear you had a great time, Coral. You deserve it!

mainely stitching said...

I'm so glad that you had a great time! :D