Monday, August 3, 2009

back home

With Granny

with Nicole

family shot, no, I am not going to smile!!

yum, yum!

I have got back, but I am so tired, I think I have had too much sleep the last 24 hours. I slept on the plane, all the way, about 2 hours and then went to bed REALLY early, about six thirty!

I feel fuzzy around the edges.

I have not yet started work, and I have been here nearly 2 hours already.

I have some lovely shots of Tim, on my cell phone, and I do not know how to down load them to my computer. He is a lovely little chap, but he cries weakly all the time. He is easily distracted, but that too is wearing.

I told him all kinds of stories about all kinds of things, and sent him off to sleep – see, I am boring! But he looked at my face the whole time. He loves his hair being fluffed around, too sweet! And he loves nappy changes, now he is all fresh! Coralie gives him special attention when he has a nappy change, she rubs cream on him, and chats to him and he loves that time.

He has a most swollen stomach, his liver and pancreas are both swollen and are causing him to look pretty fat, but he is not. He has a large growth bigger than a golf ball under his one arm. The Drs are monitoring that.

The tissue typing will take 6 weeks, then he will be on a donor list.


Anonymous said...


Hi girl...sorry I have been so neglectful of my bloggig lately. I have been a bit poorly myself this summer. Mostly pooped out and somewhat depressed. I swore I wouldn't let the state of our economy get to me but it seems to always be lingering in my mind. Kevin has worked only about 180 hours this year and we are already into the 8th month and the future does not look good for us at this point. Thus, I have been in a pity pot for a while now. I haven't wanted to dump all of my crappy moods onto everyone elsr.

I do think of you and yours often and I pitch in a few prayers for you along the way.

Your little Tim is so adorable. He has lovely big eyes that seem to be so curious. I suppose he's wondering what the heck is going on. I hate that the poor little guy has pain. I'm so happy that the docs have found someting to help with pain. Life isn't suppose to happen this way.

My Gosh girl you seem to be in the middle of a huge shit-storm right now. Problems coming from all sides. You deserve a good howling cry so please don' beat yourself about that. You just let it all out. It can really help relieve stress and get you through one more crazy day.

Yep the trip, the visit would be so much more fun if it were for a nice vacataion. Medical visits are so exhausting. Poor little guy.

I hope all will continue to go well and that he can be safe at home having a normal little boy life for the rest of his coming up years. And I hope it happens soon.

Fast healing wishes for Ian and Sean too. How are the ones with the swine flu doing? Isn't that your sister in Austrailia?

Good luck Coral and keep in touch when you have some free time and feel like sharing or just getting your emotions off of your mind.

I'm sending love and good, positive healing thoughts off to you and yours. Love Jolie

Secret said...

I look like i have Panda eyes!!!!! haha