Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ready to scream?

Coralie has more problems, her nanny for Tim walked out - Coralie's first day back at work. Flipping cow, she gave up three jobs to go to Coralie, she was getting R3000 - plus minus $300 a month - a large salary for a maid here. And when Coralie gets back to work drops her! When you consider the little guy moans all the time, he has flu like symptoms all the time, a side effect of the L, it must be so hard for anyone to look after him. But really, she knew what to expect, she had been with them over 2 weeks already. I think she thought it would be a breeze as it was only a nanny posistion and no cleaning required. And Coralie was telling her to only get in at 9, now Coralie has started work she needs to be there 6h30, so C can get to work. Part of their agreement; but now C is stuck. I don't know what she is to do.

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Aussie Stitcher said...

Poor Coralie, as if she hasn't got enough to deal with already. Some people are just scared of work. Lovely photos of the little fellow, he is so cute.