Thursday, June 11, 2009

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Okay, I am to show you a picture of my newer car, but I cannot it has not stopped raining in days!! (Daze) We are not used to winter rain, so it is cold, damp and depressing weather. I am pleased I am not working during these type of weather days.

Anyway my new car already has new shocks, Ian’s dad Brian said he thinks he was driving the car when he hit a pothole. The one shock was really pulpy. So Ian changed both front shocks – isn’t he a handy guy? He has bought a bee sting aerial, and the little knob that releases the front seat was missing and he has replaced that. Next up is the fuel line between the filler cap and the tank has perished, Ian will pick it up today – it was on order and thereafter a radio. It is a great little car, and for some reason I was so apprehensive about it.

History of the car is that Ian’s parent’s neighbour owned it and she is now 91. She has had the car since new (2003), and it has 15 000 kms on the clock. Ian’s dad has been driving the old lady around in her car for a few years now as she was not capable of driving any longer. The lady has moved from their retirement village and her children had made the decision to sell the car and gave Brian first refusal.

Anyway, to show you a picture; the quilt I made Brian.

Yesterday Ian took the day off work and I really enjoyed my time with him. It is amazing how attached I am to the guy!! ;-)))

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mainely stitching said...

Coral, that quilt is stunning!

Ian can change shocks? Gosh, I remember the last time I needed that done and what a huge issue it was to get an appointment with a garage to get it done!