Thursday, June 18, 2009

bye, bye cell phone!

My cell phone was stolen from me Tuesday (a public holiday here) – what a bummer. I was at the good factory shop in Benoni and felt I was bumped, but when I gave a hard stare towards the only customer in the area, I noticed she had a little boy. He was about three and kept bumping his head on my handbag. Huh, when I got back to the car my phone was gone. So all my good pictures of Tim and Josh are gone, as well as all my contact numbers. So EVERYONE, please send me a mail with your details on it so I can enter them into my old cell phone – thank you!!

I have been so lucky up until now with cell phones, too!

Edited to add: I have my old number back now, but I still need your numbers.

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mainely stitching said...

We've been lucky withe cell phones, too. Niek even put one through the washing machine - TWICE! LOL!