Saturday, June 20, 2009

Challenge for South Africans.

If you know of Bosom Buddies (a charity very close to my heart), great; if not please go over and read about Mel and her fantastic work with truly underprivileged South African girls and ladies, who give birth sometimes in the most terrible circumstances right here in SA.

She provides the babies and the mommies with a bag with goodies in, including baby clothes, nappies, sanitary pads, blankets and other goodies.

She is having a pretty bad time right now with a clothing shortage.

1) Do you have or do you know of anyone who has second hand gently used 0-3 month old baby clothes that you can donate to her charity? (Yes, Tim’s clothes are going here).

2) Here is the challenge – Ackermans has GREAT baby gear. Their sale is in July. I challenge you to open an account, use the vouchers – BARGAIN, and bring your account up to R600. This will mean that you will pay off the account in 6 months at R100 a month. Can you truly say you cannot afford that?

She mainly wants baby gros and vests. Why not go in the first day of the sale and ‘wipe out’ the 0-3 month stock?

I plan to, will you join me?

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mainely stitching said...

Sadly, I just donated Arden's baby goods to a local charity. Good luck!!