Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A work scenario.

Let’s call one person A, she was in need of a staff member, and employed a friend to do the job. Let’s call her B. B has approached me today to tell me how she is so fed up with the way her friend is treating her and what a pair of witches A and C are together.

Poor B, she has never seen this side of A before and is appalled.

I told B that C being jealous of the rates we contractors are being paid mainly causes the problem. Plus C has always been A’s favourite staff member.

I am sorry that B is so disillusioned with her friend. That is sad. The fact that I am here only 2 days a week doesn’t help as I cannot be a support, like she needs.


mainely stitching said...

I hope you manage to stay out of any fallout that results from this!

Anonymous said...

Boy...I'd stay out of it. I always hated office politics and spats and jealousies. That mostly why I don't work in the public any longer.

Always someone complaining. Always someone who won't do their share of the work. Always someone kissing the bosses butt.

People would get upset at me because I wouldn't get involved and walked around saying that I thought I was all hoity-toity and above them.

Well...if not getting in on the office crap and squabbles meant I was such...then I am.


Sinisa said...

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