Friday, April 17, 2009

Tim has landed!

Wow, what a day we had yesterday, up at 3h30 – yes, people, am!!!! Get to hospital, and it was all go, and by 6h10, Tim was born.

Coralie was so brave, she was so frightened and was shivering, and didn’t stop for hours – but she was so happy once Tim was born. He is - of course – beautiful and healthy, apart from immature lungs. He spent the day in NICU yesterday, I am not sure if he is out or not, and he has to learn to feed. But I think that should be a cinch as he was sucking his thumb inside on one scan. He was on 30% oxygen, and as normal oxygen that we all breathe is 21%, that was not bad, then by the time I went home he was on 22%, so I should imagine today he will be a lot healthier.

The hospital is great, it has a double bed, so Henk can sleep there as well. The bathroom is about the same size as mine, and of those who do not know my bathroom, that is big! The staff are all so friendly and helpful.

Henk, OMG, he reminds me of my ex! Moody, and goes on and on about nothing. He was complaining to Coralie’s friend what a hard time he had getting up from Cape Town, um, I phoned and booked and paid for his ticket –huh, hard time? He can’t manage to do anything on his own, he needs a helping hand all the time. Today I am going to put the phone number for Kulula on his phone, he can handle the return trip on his own.

I cannot download the photos as one, I have Coralie’s camera and two, I don’t see the cable anywhere. Bummer, but Tim has hoses coming off his face in these photos anyway so he looks like the elephant in Rudyard Kiplings story.

Today he should be on the Netcare site, I will check and leave the addy here if so.

Tim is not there yet, he is Timothy Finaughty, 16 April

Still tired….



Secret said...

Yay! Cant wait to meet this little man.

mainely stitching said...

Just checked and cannot see young Tim yet at the hospital site, but I'll keep looking. Have to laugh at your description. I was pretty freaked out by the tubes, etc. that Arden had as a result of his blood problem when he was born. But I am easily freaked out. I'm so glad that Coralie is okay. Shaking is pretty normal in my experience. I'm sorry Henk is such a PIA, but hopefully he'll grow up now that he's got a son looking up at him.

BIG HUGE HUGS and congratulations to EVERYONE! :D

Anonymous said...

Whew! CONGRATULATIONS Grandmom and of course to the lucky parents too. I'm glad everything has turned out so great. Now you'll see what I so enjoy about this Grammy thing. Even wet sloppy baby kisses are a complete joy. I'm so happy for all of you. A new life is so wonderful. Truly a celebration in these days of hard times.

Thinking ever so fondly of you and your's Coral. Jolie

Jenna said...

Congrats Grandma! It sounds like Tim's entrance was a bit unplanned and scary, but I'm glad that everyone went fine. How excited are you?! :)