Thursday, May 13, 2010

thoughts from a very cluttered mind.

I am internalising all my worries and thoughts, which on one hand means I am coping with them, but on the other hand, I am out of comms.

Sorry everyone!

I have the builders here, they are nearly finished, I am pretty ambivelent about them, if I get annoyed I have to think at least it is one day down, they should be finished by the weekend. Best bit? I get my own sewing room - very exciting!

Things have happened in a badly timed way. Building quote accepted, work started, building quote wrong, roof needs to be totally re-worked. Wrestle with figures, Coral loses job, building work continues. Coralie needs mom earlier (I have already changed my return flight at a big cost already), I have to refuse. She was to ask MIL. Not sure what has happened there. I guess nothing or else I would hear.

Tim may be in hospital until after Robin is born. This could be crunch time.

Thought pattern - I go to CT on the 25th, I move into RCCH with Tim, Coralie goes to Paarl to have Robin. I stay with Tim until not needed, but I am returning on the 7th June. Rachel, the babies Godmother, arrives on the 6th June. She can take over with Tim if needed, but I am sure Coralie will be out of hospital by then. But will Robin? The RCCH has nurses quarters that the sometimes rent out for R24 a night. The thought pattern is - Coralie stay with Tim, and when she wants to swap and see Robin, just do it, we (me and Rachel tag team) will be 100 m away. Now the problem is if Tim is still in hospital when Rachel leaves - what then? My only thought is that Robin returns here to JHB, I can take care of him here and return him when he is ready for school, not really!

Oh, hell - now I am overthinking it all.


mainely stitching said...

Oh my gosh, Coral, it just tires me out to even think about it all.

Anonymous said...

You sound totally exhausted and in a half-assed brain freeze and rightly so.

I would be totally overwhelmed by it all but I know you will somehoow manage it and come out okay in the end. Thank God Coralie, Tim and soon the new Robin have you to help out and fend for them.

Be sure to take extra care to keep yourself healthy. A few naps, a glass of wine now and again, a trip to dinner, a special shopping trip, go to a movie or a play. Little extras wil help you stay healthy and carry the load and worries better.

And don't forget to get yourself and Coralie some good chocolates to nibble on with your wine or tea. (SMILE) In my book chocolate is survival food at it's finest.

Maybe you gals can find some good audio books to listen to while spending long hours in the hospitals. They are entertaining and can distract one from their worries for a bit. The babies may be soothed and lulled to sleep too. It's worked wonders for Jordan and Henry over the years.

Look for an audio story read by Meryl Streep titled "Velveteen Rabbit". Her voice can sooth anyone and the story is a classic for kids and big people alike.

Hopefully life will be less complicated and scary for you all soon. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

Love Jolie

DELTA said...

It is great that you have the childrens lifes planned out, but where does the Exhausted father stand in all this, dont you think instead of assiting them, you are merely taking over their lifes. The arrangements should be made by the parents. The only tag team in this family is (Henk, Coral, Tim & Robin)If you think you are tired, you are mistaken and so other people reading your blog. They have no idea what those kids are going through. Instead of trying to use Timmy's illness to your advantage getting sponsors why dont you rather make an effort to have sponsors assist them with the help they NEED! Start making it about THEM AND NOT YOURSELF!