Saturday, January 31, 2009

my letter in the local paper - fame at last!!

Letter to the local newspaper in reply to Martin Pearson!

In reply to Martin Pearson's letter regarding the placement of the speed bumps on President Steyn Road.

I presume you do not live on President Steyn Road as I do, as the residents are more than grateful for the speed bumps for the following reasons:

Prior to the speed bumps cars were tailgating residents all the way down the road towards President Boshoff Road, not taking any notice of the residents slowing down to turn in their driveways. Any attempt to turn into a resident's own driveway invariably was an anxiety causing moment as the traffic behind usually did not acknowledge the indicators, or the slowing of the car in the front. This traffic would also pass on the right, when an indicator was signaling a right turn. Hairy indeed.

Exiting the driveway was also a worry, as traffic turning from President Boshoff into President Steyn were using top speed, and turning out of my own driveway was fraught with anxiety as the inconsiderate drivers were tailgating, flashing lights and overtaking on the grass verge. This behaviour from cars that were not visible on my entering the road! One wonders how fast they were travelling.

More than 90% of the traffic on President Steyn Road is caused by people using it as a short cut. As this road is a sand based road, that is a light tarmac surface, it cannot handle the traffic volumes, and this is why the road is in such bad repair. This road was never intended to handle all the traffic that is currently using it. It was originally a 'plot road', not a short cut.

Personally I will welcome the Municipality closing the road to through traffic entirely.
Thank you Municipality for the speed bumps!
There was another letter in reply to Martin Pearson's first letter too, saying, add two more speed bumps!!


Anna van Schurman said...

Good for you for being so civic minded. My cousin has the same problem in her neighborhood.

mainely stitching said...

Hope you win the Speed Bump Battle!