Friday, December 26, 2008


Well, that is that; another Christmas done and dusted!

We had a Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve as my kids were busy on Christmas day – we are not too phased about that. We had a fairly pleasant time and I got the new Pink CD. From Coralie.

Sean and Terri have left to go to visit his dad – they left at 1 am this morning.

They are pretty serious about one another – they want to move in together – they have even found a garden cottage nearby to us. Sean and Terri went out about 4 years ago. So it isn’t that they don’t know each other. I think it is a good idea for both of them. Terri’s mother thinks she is such an innocent – if only she knew!!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great time, I am happy to say it is all over and no more expectations!!


mainely stitching said...

Glad that your Christmas is happily over and there's another year before you need to worry about it. ;)

Hey, that's exciting about Sean and Terri! I hope everything goes well!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Coral,

Glad to hear you made it through Christmas. After that first year when Christmas is off somewhere gets better. It's different but once you get okay with it you can start to make new Christmases with a whole new spin. Me and the old boy have actually had some very fine holidays alone and we have sort of found each other again. We even have grown up talk. (S)

Sounds as if you are very busy with your crafting (business?). It's great to make money from something you enjoy, isn't it. My crafting projects usually become gifts. people are always telling me that I could make money with some of it but for the stuff I make I'd probably end up with about a penny an hour. Are you still on a job search?

Is Africa suffering from the economy the way America is? Times are dammed tough over here and more and more people are unemployed and losing their homes and such. Prices have gotten so high for everything that one must decide what they will have to do without. Just the normal living expense for things like food, heat and lights and meds has sky-rocketed. I hope for a turnaround soon.

Libby's mate and my oldest boy Shayne are both out of work and no job prospects out there. Looks like the government will be setting up CCC camps like they did back in oue (Big) depression years. A bit scary to say the least.

Thanks for the nice comments about my little guys. I think they are adorable but me being the Gram what else would I think? LOL...
They do have such cute personalities and they are really cute to watch together. So neat watching their relationship grow and Jordan is so protective of Henry...but he's protective of his toys too.

I hope you and Ian and family have a great happy healthy New year.

Always good wishes from me to you.