Monday, December 22, 2008

me again!

You know how it is, the less you blog, the less you feel you have to share – it is true as you all know.

Anyway – quick update on my life.

We are celebrating Xmas on Christmas Eve, a first for me – the kids are all busy on Xmas day, Sean is driving to see his dad on Xmas day, and Coralie and Henk are going to his sister on Xmas day.

Nicole is flying up to us on Xmas day – at 21h30 – a bikkie late!! Past my bed time!! But that will be fun as we always have a good time together.

I am still quilting away, yesterday I went to Mr Price Home and bought a trestle table – and it is now installed in the 2 spare room – it is a bit small – I may need another one. If you could have been there when I had help to load it in the car – hell it was funny!

I had already bought an air cooler – so the car’s boot was full. You see, I have a plastic crate in there as well that holds shopping bags and cooler bags for the shopping trips – so what with that and a box of quilted Christmas stockings..) So my new purchases had to go in the interior of the car. Ha!!! The seats were both rolled down supine, and then finally I could get the top in to the car, the trestles themselves were also on the back seat. I had two guys trying to get the whole shebang into the car, it was too funny! And at this end? – Sean just took it out – no effort at all!! Sean very kindly put together the trestles and I had my quilting stuff off the dining room table and upstairs in about ten trips – yes there is a lot of it.

(So, Mr Misery, when you say sarkily “So will this stuff be off the dining room table soon?” – done in less than twelve hours – and just don’t dare discuss how I spent some of MY money – snarl – yes, a bad moment in our home, an unusual thing. And it is unusual for himself to be concerned with how much money I spend, but lately…).

I will try to show you once again another photo of the bag I made, and it has already been sold – good for me!! Nope - failure!

My auntie Jean is hanging in there, she is taking limited visitors and is starting to speak, I haven't had an update for a while, so I imagine things are progressing well.

Chat soon, y'all!!


mainely stitching said...

Okay, I wrote this VERY long comment and the electronic gremlins ate it, d*mn them!

I am so happy you have a place of your own to keep your quilting stuff. Shifting it around all the time to make room for the rest of the family is no treat, I know from experience. Sorry there was some friction, though. :(

We always used to celebrate Christmas Eve with my grandparents - very warm and cherished memories for me. Here with the kids and all, we do a bit on the Eve and the majority of it on the The Day. Luckily for us, Boxing Day is considered part of Christmas and that's the day that Max goes to his father's family.

Wishing you all the VERY BEST!!!

susanm said...

Glad you now have your own sewing space. Hope you had a great Christmas even though it was on Christmas eve at least you had some kids around. we will be having a late Christmas next year in mid January when we get to visit my daughter and family in Namibia. take care and hugs.