Monday, April 5, 2010

I never realised (this post is a mess, like my emotions)

Feeling very sorry for his self, like he should do. Note Angel Quilt Project quilt donated to him.

Coralie is NOT giving me the evil eye, she was looking past me at the TV. Do note how pale she is too. A lack of sleep, and really bad hospital food, read boiled potates and boiled pumpkin with just about everything. She says the best food they make is oatmeal porridge!

I never realised how bad this would be, the physical, bad sleep pattern, the puking, the bed changing over and over, is nothing compared to the emotional strain and the sadness I feel when I look at my most beloved grandson. Pictures of him, he is fine in the first ones, then you can see the effects of the continual vomiting, the clamminess and the chills, Tim was so cold, even the nursing staff were concerned. He has his good moments and his bad ones. It is not all bad, some of it is laughable. The hospital he is in is enormous, I got lost for about half an hour one day. You have to track your way in and out very carefully and do not deviate from the mental map.
Feeling a bit nauseous here

First day , this toy malfunctioned the night Henk stayed at the hospital, it was a bit of a giggle in retrospect!

I had an idea for his birthday, people can send / bring him a balloon to brighten up his room, and a party later, that one will be a two-some party, a first birthday party and a celebration party.
I am tired out and totally exhausted. I fly back on Wed morning.


MarmiteToasty said...

(((((((((Coral)))))))))) hang in there girl.... I do not know where you get your strength from, but you sure are an inspiration.... everyone looks exhausted, my thoughts and love I send you with all I have.....

know you are loved.......

oh, and the quilt is gorgeous :)


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful boy...even when he is worn out. keep strong Coral and know I'm pulling for all of you.

Love Jolie