Saturday, February 27, 2010

Long time no speaks!

It has been a long time since I have blogged, so no-one knows what is going on in my life.

Firstly, my home computer is giving my gip - it will not connect to the internet, so I think I will have to haul it off to the computer shop again. gah!! More money!

Apart from that things are pretty quiet.

Sean appears to have found a girl who is keen on him, finally, poor chap was losing hope! She the same age as him with two kids, I really don't care, just as long as he has someone who appreciates him and loves him. I said to him the other day I was going to stop remembering their names, they are all so fast in and out of his life.

I have made myself a new handbag, finished a cross stitch and am finishing off a quilt that was cut out over ten years ago. It is a log cabin, with the thinest strips, clearly I had no idea what I was doing; what a labour intensive project! I have the tidy-uppers and finish-offers at the moment, so cupboards ae being cleaned out and projects are being finished off. It really is satisfying. And I only have to put in about 50% effort for a finish! (ha ha - lazy me showing her head again)!

We are still waiting for a date for Tim's BMT, as you remember that date is dependent on the donor. The Medical Aid has paid out R75 000 for Tim's registery to the Bone Marrow Registry - holy moly! Hooray for Discovery Medical Aid.

I am busy at work today doing the weekly work prior to the stock take capture which will be done on Monday. This is why I have internet connection.

Have a great weekend!



mainely stitching said...

Here's fingers crossed that Tim's surgery makes all the difference. And I do hope Sean's found love at last!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Yay for getting some UFO's cleared out. I hope that you get good news regarding Tim's BMT.

jolie-jordan said...

Finger crossed here for Tim and all of you.