Monday, July 27, 2009

wasted weekend

Although Ian did not work, it was a waste. He did a lot of work around the house on Sat, painted the two walls, and just kept on going like the battery bunny. But the afternoon was a bust - motor racing on TV, and that is not my fav, I am starting to get pretty intolerant of it, actually.

And guess what was on TV on Sunday? Motor racing. Admitted we would have gone out for lunch, but the stupid geyser has broken, this will be the third geyser in this house so far. The first one was not the one we ordered, and after about 18 months was changed, then the thermostat on that one went, and now, the geyser. So, let's hope no. 3 is the one, the keeper!

Last week was pretty 'exciting' - shit I am so sick of exciting. Wed, me, mammogram - results fine. Wed, Sean, accident at work, two crushed pinkies, 6 stitches and lots of blood. Wed, Ian, Dr - a surgeon actually to have a growth on his 'pip' (head) removed (this scheduled for Tues 28th). Thursday, Sean hospital to have crushed tendon fixed and a pin inserted in the tip of the finger.

I went to the hospital and almost finished some stitching, Saturday it was quilted up to make another wall hanging for the guest loo - it is STILL echoey in there! You can hear every movement. Yeah picture later, the batteries are out of the camera, for some reason.

Remember the 'Trip around the World' wall quilt I finished? It is at the shop, they asked could they borrow it!

Anyway too much excitement all at once. Need a lie down - ha, like I am going to get one!

Quote of the week 'mom can you help me?' 'of course' ' can you put some hair gel in for me' ' sure'
'mom, you doing it like a girl!'


mainely stitching said...

I hope you get that quiet time soon, Coral!!

MarmiteToasty said...

oh my, so much in a few days, couldnt you of stitched the finger with your sewing machine to save time lol....